Training Day

Today Coke bought in the local staff that they have hired to work the various departments that they need assistance. This totals 130 people that they hired, trained and have to outfit and pay.

Coke started 1 year ago hiring folks primarily college students; interviewing them and then doing 4 training classes throughout the past 8 months that lead up to their final training today.

It was funny because Adidas (the official clothing of the Olympics)is the brand of clothing that is the staff uniform. Since Chinese tend to be on the shorter side and the Adidas pants we received were very long…well, this resulted in Coke having to hire a tailor to come in and hem up everyone’s pants. Yours truly included.

Moving onto 1 part of the staffing situation is ground transportation. This area alone has 65 people working. What do they all do? Airport meet and greet, ride the tour busses the the various areas that they are conducting tours..primarily the Great Wall busses going out to the OHC and of course transportation to the various venues. This doesn’t include bus drivers just people to act as human arrows, assisting with getting people on and off the bus, airport meet and greet, assisting with luggage at the airport, coordinating cars/busses coming and going to all the simultaneous venues yada they need to put product on all these vehicles as well. We don’t want anyone going thirsty.

My department food and beverage/product has a total of 10 people. 6 stationed at the hotel and 4 stationed at the OHC – Olympic Hospitality Center where various corporations have their hospitality tents to entertain their customers before they head to an Olympic event. One of the supervisors from the hotel staff won’t be joining us for training today because she is getting married on Saturday. Her husband to be is going to be working ground transportation. She is from West Africa and speaks excellent English. Fidelia is an African American girl who has been in China for 6 years. The reason why I point out she is African American is because you don’t see a lot of black people in China. They are sort of a novelty. Especially if you go out into the Chinese countryside. I made a point of wishing Fidelia a happy ceremony and gave your the sound advice to tell their friends they were staying in one hotel when in actuality they will be in the other.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.

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