What’s in a name

GOOOD MORNING!! what is totally amazing about today is that it is sunny..not like sunny like we see in the states but very sunny compared to Chinese standards. You can even see somewhat of the sky.

I don’t have a lot going on today other than fine tune what I am currently doing.

I think I mentioned that we have 6 Chinese students for our staff that begins next week. Two of the of these 6 are what they call X Pat’s meaning they are not born and raised in China. One is actually from the states and his name is Rob and the other is Fidelia who is getting married todoay. She is from Africa.

Today I am going to talk about these Chinese students. Because their names are so hard to pronounce they all adopt American names. For some reason I have met a lot of Jerry’s since I have been here. So all of the students have picked a name. In order to market themselves in hopes of getting “picked” out of the crowd it isn’t unusual for them to research what are the popular names in the US and pick that as their American name. Also they will watch popular American shows on China TV and use a name from there. For example “Friends” might be a popular show right now and so females will use Rachael or Monica as their US name. Also they might pick a US name just for the duration of the Olympics and then next time they have an opportunity to work for a US company they might switch out their US name.

The other day when we were going around the table introducing ourselves this gal had her sticker nametag on her arm. When it came time to introduce herself she forgot her US name and had to look at her sticker to see what she should call herself.

The folks were supposed to speak better English than what they do..but luckily I do have 2 people on staff that speak good English as well as Chinese so I am sure they are going to be doing a lot of translating to the rest of the staff. Even that gal whose day job is to teach English at the University doesn’t speak it very well. And forget all about sentence structure it just doesn’t exist with these students. These 2 gals were sitting next to each other as they were introducing themselves the one gal said who she was and that she is a student at Beijing University the next gal said her name and that she goes to “her” school and pointed to her friend. She didn’t trust herself to say Beijing University.

Everyone so far has been very sweet – and China is very excited about hosting the games even though they make this all much harder than what it needs to be.

That’s my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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