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Morning to me and night time to you folks. For East coast we are exactly 12 hours ahead.

Coke did a very smart here thing – they set up 2 internet type phones for people to call home for basically free. This move alone has saved a ton of money on cell phone bills. For me I use my Skype to call back to the States.

Our host country of the Olympic games is still very strict with communications of the journalists outside of China. Some of the rumors that we have heard is that everything is getting sensored. Many folks here have had their computers blacked out if they send emails or stories that our host country do not like. All emails when they are being sent are checked by satelite and if the email contains words that they government has deemed inappropriate then the email doesn’t get through.

I have been told even reporters are probably going to have to call in some of their stories if they feel it is information that they won’t be able to get through the Chinese internet system.

Last night a couple of gals and I went to a local massage place for reflexology. This is the part that will make everyone jealous. A 2 hour foot and shoulder massage was $20.00 USD.. and I can promise you these wonderful massage would put the Ritz Carlton’s/Four Seasons/Red Door Spa $200.00 massage to shame. Doing this is a very social thing in China. Many times you will gather your friends bring some wine and head over to the local place and get a room. The 3 of us sat in chairs side by side while we had a feet and shoulders rubbed. It was quite fun.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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