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I think I have told the majority of you about Wan Tu who resides in Boulder Colorado. She is who I report to and is the lead on this program overseeing all F& B. Wan is an amazing person in many ways but a couple in particular. Obviously she speaks fluent Mandrin as well as perfect English. What is so hard about this is she is doing a lot of crucial translating. There have been some many and still are hurddles to cross and many times Wan is very involved so she can translate plus her knowledge of the Olympics. For those of you who have never worked with translation is – it is really exhausting switching back and forth between the languages and keeping your concentration on the integrity of the conversation. Wan is amazing with this. She toggles back and forth like it is nothing and never makes you feel stupid because she is having to translate. Her parents are first generation Chinese. In another blog I will talk more about Wan…but the other thing that is interesting about Wan is this is her 20th Olympic Games. Not necessarily for Coke although she has been with KO as a contractor doing the past few Olympics.

Before I get back to Wan – I must say everyone here on the KO staff has very very extensive Olympic experience. I am one of the only folks here on staff who doesn’t have years Olympic experience. I have years working for Coke but not Olympics.

One night at dinner Wan – who at times I call the Olympic Goddess because that is what she is in many ways. She was telling us when she was in Lillehammer working the 1994 Winter Games for Kodak that they didn’t believe in salting their icy roads or sidewalks. The village was truly a winter wonderland but cold as cold could be. Plus people cross country ski, snowboard, ice skate to work. It is vitually unheard of to salt or drop sand on the roads. I write this again because this part is important. Wan told us out of all the Opening Cerimonies for the Olympics that Lillehammer was by far the coldest. She said they didn’t clear the snow and ice off the seats. You basically sat and watched opening on a block of ice. She said it was miserable. Then when people got up to leave you had to walk down a bit of a ramp. This ramp was covered with ice with no sand or salt and people starting sliding into one another. Like a human avalanche. She said ti was awful and by the time it was done 70 people were taken to the hospital with broken bones. Not the way to start and Olympic experience that is for sure.

Totally changing gears..my desk mate Terri said that Coke for this Olympics have 5600 environmentally sound coolers located throughout the venue.

Last night was the dry run at Olympic Stadium otherwise known as the Bird’s Nest for the Opening Cerimonies. Terri went and said it is going to be very beautiful. The staff all came back saying that they are using thousands of performers for each routine and the colors/precision is truly beautiful. Please make a point to watch as it is all supposed to be spectacular.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.

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