we 8 bottles and Coke Product

One of key responsibilities while I am here it to manage the Coke product and the coolers while I am here. One would think this is somewhat of an easy task..OOOHHHNNNOOO product deliveries can only happen now until after midnight. The hotel alone has over 25 coolers with 20 different type of Coke products. So to get this all into the hotel afte rmidnight get coolers set up and stocked was a very long night..and this is a couple day process. Plus in true Coca-Cola protocol these products have to be pre-chilled in the back before being moved to the front for guest consumption. So far the most popular products over here is by far just plain ‘ole Coca-Cola and Minute Maid Orange juice. Then next comes the Nestea tea products. For obvious reasons they have a healthy variety of tea. I have found myself drinking more hot tea since being over here. I find it is soothing after a large meal to drink a cup of tea. Although you can definitely taste the difference from drinking it in the States.

we8 bottles is this cool promotion that Coke is doing and it is called East meets West. Basically 8 Chinese artists were hired to do the Coke Olympic Theme song and design an aluminum bottle that best describes how the song makes them feel. They were then paired up with a Western music composure that rewrote the Theme Song to best fit them. Then here we are giving out these collectors bottles to our guests. There are 8 of them altogether.

That is story for now and I am sticking to it.

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