Ice Cream

Opening cerimonies are offically over in Beijing. They were truly beautiful. Everything was very thoughtful. Today was hectic as getting the guests out to Olympic Stadium was a Chinese firedrill within itself. BOCOG kept changing the route and how people were getting in and out and the timing..but FINALLY they got it down to the wire.

Today my folks worked so hard that I gave them ice cream from the ice cream bar in the hospitality room. This was so cute because they were thrilled…why? because they got to eat the ice cream from a cone. In China they have the ice cream bars like you get a Nestles but not the type of ice cream that is scooped. So for them to have scooped ice cream is a big deal. The first words out of their mouth’s were can they have 2..I said sure..why am I to deprive these very skinny tall gals of calories.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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