Tickets and Love

How is that for a weird title. I forgot to type about tickets yesterday because I was so busy going on about opening ceremonies. Tickets here in Beijing are pretty inexpensive if you want to go see a sport. I have an xpat on my team – his name is Rob. An XPat is someone who wasn’t born in China but now lives here. Actually Rob is a temporaty Xpat. He is just graduated college in the US and came over to work the Olympics – he has friends here and wanted to practice his Mandarin for 6 weeks and then will head back tot he US and in November start his first job out of college living in Manhattan. OOOHH to be that age again. Rob bought a bunch of tickets to events and the averaged in price from $7.00 weightlifitng; canoeing to $44.00 probably finals to Track and Field.

Watching the OLympics in China has been a bit challenging because the government TV here is called CCVT and as I just mentioned it is controlled by the government. With that being said I couldn’t tell you how the US is doing but I can tell you how the Chinese are. All of this is ok with one exception. It is all in Mandarin. Which is ok too as they are the host country but they refuse to put up English subtitles so you have no idea what the hell anyone is talking about. No cute stories on how they struggled to get to the Olympics the sacrifices that had to get made yada yada. So basically we have shut off the volumne on everything because it is of no vaulue. The one sport they showed a lot of is Airpistol Shooting yesterday. WE were wondering where is the struggle in that? It isn’t like they have to train in the snow, rain and heat. Or can hurt a body part. This has to be the safest sport of all in the Olympics. The other thing I have noticed is a lot of women who do “manly” type sports that are Asian have acne.

Now getting onto the Love part. I have a real cutie pie on local staff and her American name is Sarina. One of the local security supervisors came to me yesterday and told me she is very cute and he would like to get to know her. I said I would find out if she is interested and get back to him. Meanwhile I was asking him where he would take her on a date. He started laughing and said he didn’t have time to date her because he was working everyday from 3 – 11 pm. I said you can’t take her out to tea before work? He said no..I said fine then my Sarina wasn’t good enough for him and forget it. He said no no no he would find time to take her out for tea if she was interested. Ok I actually said coffee but he said no to coffee to expensive it should be tea. Anyhow I went to ask Sarina what she thought.. She didn’t like him at all. She said he tried talking to her a couple of times and he came on too strong. Whatever that means in a Chinese relationship. I said I will tell him you have a boyfriend. She was stunned and flattered that I would be so kind to take care of this for her and was being protective of her because we didn’t know each other that well. She said she thinks of me like a million dollars.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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