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Coke China designed an experiental marketing bulding called the Shuang Center. Shuang is a word in Chinese meaning The sensation of Physical and Emotional Refreshment. We got to take a VIP tour of this building. It is roughly the size of an attraction you would find at Epcot. It has about 4 major attractions and it is so well done it is incredible. The first room shows pictures and artifacts from the various Olympics. The Coca-Cola Company is the oldest sponsor of the Olympic games and has been a sponsor since 1928…so there is a lot of wonderful memoriabilia in this room. Next room is a short movie on the history of the Coca-Cola company. Next room shows Sustainability. This is a big exhibit that talks about what the entire company is doing and has several exhibits showing this. My favorite is a siloutte of a tree with cut out bottles hanging from it and then on th eground is all sorts of cut out bottles. On these bottles and they are paper like in nature are several athletes signatures from all over the world. Their signature on the bottle signifies their commitment to recycle their Coke bottles during the Olympics.

The next room is the last room. This is the most beautiful as it has several large approx. 8 foot tall Coke bottles that signifies all the different provinces in China. 1 artist was selected from each province to paint this bottle. It was truly beautiful.

I attached a picture of the tree, a picture of the bottles Below is a picture of some of the local staff

In going back to my favorite subject…The staff. The Chinese staff really like American Cliches but often mess up the wording…but let’s give them credit at least they are trying. Today a gal came to Michele who is in charge of staffing. She worked late last night and then had to be back fairly early. This isn’t a huge deal in general but many of these people have to travel 1 hour each way to get to work. So Michele being gracious asked her if she was tired. She said no she did get rest and is Daisy Fresh! Sarina told me yesterday that in her heart I am worth 1 million dollars.
Also at the end of day when you are saying good night you also get an interesting variation on that as well. Many times it is good rest, sweet night…good sleep and sleep sweet.

Another gal who is managing the guest services desk where people can book tours, ask questions etc…was doing some role playing with her staff. Kati was using Mr. Smith as an example in her role playing. Mr. Smith is wondering what time swimming begins…Mr. Smith needs to know what time the bus leaves yada yada…And sure enough one of the gals came up to her several hours later very upset and was concerned because Mr. Smith hadn’t yet showed up and was concerned why he hadn’t shown up.

Hope someone out there is reading these blogs…I am sitting here watching China accept the gold metal in mens’s team gymnastics
That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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