Diving and Lost in Translation


I am going to start off first with the Lost in Translation Story. We have all agreed this is the best one to date. The resident manager of the hotel is European. He wanted something light for dinner the other night. Stefan orderd a plate of fish with a side of broccoli. WHAT HE GOT WAS a Pizza Fish with Broccoli on top.!! YUCK…also besides a set of stairs that connects the 2 hotel towers by an over pass is a sign that should read “Watch your Step” instead it reads “Mind your steps”…it is all so cute.

Yesterday I got to go see the finals of men’s sychronized diving. I have attached a couple of pictures. The water cube is very cool although the day was hazy yesterday. It was great fun getting to go to an event. The one thing about sync diving is when you watch it – it looks like it is altogether..but when you watch the “evey angle imaginable replay then you see where it is a cluster”. It is sad to see with gymnastic and the divers be so close and then blow it at the end. The Olympic compound wasn’t very crowded because you can’t get in unless you have a ticket for an event that day. Also the Today show is broadcasting near the watercube. My computer keeps freezing so I am cutting this short.

This is my story for now and I am sticking to it.

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