Dinner with a twist

Last night I was one lucky girl. The executive chef at the fine dining restaurant in Beijing is a very famous chef here in Beijing. He is rated one of the top 3 chef’s in Beijing and is starting to make a name for himself globally. He comes to New York and hangs out with all the top culinary people. Last night he invited me to eat at his chef’s table in the kitchen. It was one of the most amazing culinary experiences I have ever had. Plus the icing on the cake is that Brian sat with me most of the evening drinking wine and BS’ing with me.

The dinner was approx 12 courses. He is famous for doing twists on food. For example I think the first picture is his take on a BLT sandwich. You cant’ see the piece of house cured bacon, then he does the tomatoes and then a cup of lettuce with a funky mayo on it.

Another course is a a chocolate shot. He puts a type of poprock in this plastic wrap of mousse and when you pit through the plastic then you get this amazing chocolate concoction in your mouth that pops a bit.

He ends every dinner with a “mint” His version is the 3rd picture that – is a take of going to bed and you brush your teeth before you go to bed at night. The drink is a green type of alcohol with soda water that serves as a digestive. Folks, I can’t even begin to tell you what an amazing treat this was for me to have this incredible experience. You will be hearing much more from Brian as he continues to expand his career.

Chef said when designing a plate there should be 1 crunchy and 2 of the same texture on the plate of ingredients.

Other than that yesterday was very very rainy here in China but today is beautiful. Probably one of the best weather days since I have been here.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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