F & B Staff a bit about them

Since I am in China I had to hire someone to help me with my business in the US. Everyone meet Erica who is an events person in Atlanta.

Since we are emailing back and forth quite a bit I was able to tell her the US won the all round gold and silver in gymnastics. We keep a tv on in the staff office (volumne turned down as it is in Mandrin) but we see what is happening live. Erica was excited about this bit of news about the US gynmastics. She emails me back telling me she is going to BET her husband on this tonight and win some money from him. Then this my morning and your night this is the email I get back from her via email.

CRAP. You didn’t tell me it was WOMEN’s ALL AROUND! I bet the men. I lost 40 Bucks!J Oh well!

I told Erica we will make sure I am more specific next time and we will go double or nothing to get her money back.


Moving onto yesterday. The one pride and joy of being here is dealing with the local staff that is Michelle who is with an agency hired to help out all of our departments. I think I mentioned earlier that the vein of Michelle’s existance the past year is to interview weed out and hire 130 local staff to help all the departments of the hotel. Coke has bought the hired staff in 4 different times over the past year to do training and to let these kids get to know one another. A LOT of time, energy and though has gone into this. And to her credit only 1 person had to be let go since the games began.

In my group we have 6 at the hotel and 4 at the OHC. It is really fun getting to spend time with these gals. Their personalities are coming out more as they get more comfortable spending time. Some of the questions they want to do know is studing abroad…what do they need to do to make themselves more marketable to a foreign company coming into China and all the answers center around their learning English better. So I keep stressing that to them so they might be motiviated to continuing to learn after I leave. The other thing about Chinese women is they don’t wear a lot of makeup. I bought a bunch of clinque and lancome that I have had from bonus days with me to give to them. I allowed each one to pick something out of my bag. They were very intimidated at first but eventually they got excited about picking eyeshadows. That is what most of them wanted. Then they were showing each other what they picked and why they picked it. This one gal Sarina who is very cute is 26 years old and said this is the first time she has owned an eye shadow and wasn’t sure how to put it on. I told her that I would show her. Actually for everyone this is the first time they have owned an eyeshadow. Makeup is very western. Plus it isn’t something they spend money on buying.

Helen – is the gal who got Sarina’s pin back – she is considered pretty strong for an Chinese gal and you can tell she is the most thrilled and focused on doing what it takes to be successful. She had a friend come into town from Australia and I never got if the friend was a guy or a girl because she kept changing the sexuality of the person in her sentence structure. But they wanted Helen to take him/her shopping to the markets. Helen said and the other girls commented on this they she had to as Fedilia (who is my medical student from Africa) where to take her friend. She has lived in Beijing her whole life but didn’t know the markets because this is somewhere she wouldn’t go normally. And I was so blessed as she bought me a tiny little present to remember her by. Oddly enough it was a little jewlery travel case that I can really use.

The first picture is of Serina holding a her credential.

One of my other staff folks behind all the bottles is Jill. She is a real math whiz a counting all the cases of product that come a couple of times a week. I keep telling her she needs to become an accountant she is pretty darn smart. I stared to call her my abacas. The Chinese word for this is Swampan…so she is my swampan.

Last is a couple of the guys who have been schlepping our product this week. THey are employees of the hotel. The middle guy he told me his American name is Victor but I changed it to Harold. So I now call him Harold Victor. Notice these guys are all smiling. My XPat – Rob told me this is very unusual because Chinese rarely smile in pictures so that is what makes this so special to me. These young men all look very happy to be part of the Coca-Cola team.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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