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Hi, I am going to keep this short since I wrote so much yesterday. We are more than halfway through which I am ok with since getting up to be at work every morning at 6:00 am is starting to get a bit old.

Couple of updates that they have told us is – security wise if anything is going to happen here it will happen during this next week. Because the games are well under way and it has given folks time to scope it out. Although I doubt and pray this doesn’t happen and I am sure it won’t as the Chinese have been diligent in security here and everything is basically bugged.

Last night a couple of us got out of the hotel for the evening. It was such a treat. We went to eat at a pretty decent Tex Mex place..not my choice but I was happy to go along and then we went to the silk market. That was a lot of fun. I bought several different colors of pashminas and some little jade bracelets. As you can imagine everything is bargining for the price. I ended up getting the pashminas for $8.00 each and the bracelets for $7.00. I still have a touch more shopping to go. The key to getting a very very good price is to bring pins with you and if they come down to close to your price then include a pin as part of the deal. We always hear how pin trading is part of the Olympic experience one that I partook in during the Atlanta games but it is much much more popular during this games then I ever saw in Atlanta. The entire local staff is very into it. Wan is very gracious when local staff come out to the IOC to work she gives them all 10 Coke pins that they can use for trading. The IOC is getting much more crowded and so is traffic around the Olympic compond because track and field has started and that stadium holds over 90,000 people. In staff meeting today they are starting processes for Closing Ceremonies. Rumor has it that I will be getting to go to that. A kool ticket to have for the scrapbook.

This morning we all cheered on Michael Phelps as he broke yet another record. Many of our KO folks were at that swim meet. They came back and said it was amazing to see. The only time we turn up the volumne on any of the TV’s in the staff area’s is to hear the American National Anthem. Gina who is local staff said that a Chinese Reporter calls him the Water Monster. But I am sure in a nice way!

In the next couple of days we start our final Wave..Wave 4 which Coke is bringing their most important customers. They are also doing some meetings with this as well. The hotel has a tennis center that they are cleaning and converting over to meeting space. Actually they did this a week ago and right now the Princess of Dubai is using it to practice for her Judo and Tae Kwon Do Olympic competition. Many people have seen her throughout the hotel and said she was very nice. We walked in on her practicing but she had so many other folks warming up with her – fellow judo partners that I couldn’t pick her out.

I am tired and going to bed early tonight and get a good rest as the local staff calls it.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.

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