For starters why is the wave 3 liquor bill higher than the rest of the program?? Because on this wave we have the South African, Mexican, South American’s and the Russians all together. What better way to spell PARTY than watching these folks come together. I know because I do the liquor inventory each day with the hotel.

Today I am going to talk about the OHC The Olympic Hospitality Center..as I have written a couple of times – this is where many corporations put up their very decked out “tent” to host their customers while at the Olympic Green – which is the name for the compound in which many of the venues are housed..ie the bird’s nest, the water cube, the press tower etc. etc. Wan decided to switch it up a bit by having me go out to the OHC late afternoon for Wave 3. At first I wasn’t thrilled about doing this but now it is ok as it is good to leave the hotel for a few hours. Plus it isn’t busy at all so that is nice. It is finished out very cool with many couch pod areas with TV and they have wireless out there a bar serving beer/wine and a light buffet. In order to get into this area you need a day pass or an OHC accredidation.I have the later of the 2. The only other entry into the Olympic Green is through the “masses” gate which takes about an hour because of athletics starting and they have to mag and bag everyone. In order to come into the Green you must have an Olympic Ticket.

What has been happening is that these day passes are selling on the black market and people have been coming OHC security to access to Olympic Green. Because they can get into this area with just a day pass. These people are crashing the various tents thinking their day pass will let them in. At Coke everyone has a credential with a picture. Last night I busted 6 people coming into Coke without any Coke credentials. I think trying to get into our tent is most popular as well because we have lots of product. Plus these people tell our gals anything to try to get in. One had a lot of cameras last night and told Gloria that he was a reporter. Luckily she came over to tell me as she was impressed that a reporter was in the hospitality tent and I promptly kicked him out.

Catering at the OHC has been a sore spot for over a year. A BIG SORE SPOT. The BOCOG picked a caterer who specializes in hospital food and not customer food if you know what I mean. Everyone had protested this decision but being China they don’t care what you think. Coke dummied down the food as much as possible and at the end of the day it is what it is. Part of the food package includes beer and bad wine. We get certain amount of bottles and cans every day. We aren’t even close to drinking our allotment so I came up with the brillant idea of bringing some of it back at night for the staff. I was asking the two local staff to help me get it from the bar last night. Gloria thought this was great fun..and Katie she is my youngest and started out very shy but not is gotten much more bold with speaking English and sharing her thoughts. She is my most blunt and honest out of everyone. She wanted to get some beer too. She is 19 years old so I said no not a good idea she is underage. Turns out there is NO drinking age in China. I asked if she drank. Katie is so small she would be drunk off of 2 sips. She told me no that drinking beer isn’t good because it makes you do stupid things and it can make you forget things. She said it with so much honesty and conviction it was very sweet.

I asked her and Gloria about dating boys. Chinese women are very shy when it comes to the subject of men. They would never go chasing boys like women do in the US. Katie told me she is too young to have a boyfriend and she has great fun with her girl friends going out to eat and shopping. She is the first one out of all of them that seemed to have some extra money to go shopping. And by shopping I mean minimual not going to Lenox like we do. We also watched the male gymnasts so she could tell me who she thought was handsome in the face. She said that there are very many handsome Chinese boys.

The best part about going out to the OHC see is it at nighttime. I leave right as it is getting dark to head back to the hotel. If the bird’s nest, press tower and the water cube look good on TV- then they look amazing live. The Chinese love their lighting but only tastefully. It is so incredibly beautiful and has an odd serenity to it at night all lit up with people going to events. It is a reminder that for right now in this spot it is all ok.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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