Ok folks I did it!! I went there – I ate at McDonalds yesterday at the Olympic Green. This particular McDonalds was very much Americanized. They had only 4 different types of meals along with salads. The main difference was their regular burgers the patty was even thinner than what we have in the states so it was even more tasteless. What I did like is they offer sweet corn by the cup which was delicious..and it was cheap. A burger was .84 cents USD. Bottle water .50.

Helen who is part of local staff walked over with me. I have decided she is the feminist of the group. Helen is 20 year old student who was raised by her grandma and lives with her grandma and aunt & uncle. Her parents are divorced. Her father lives in Beijing and her mother in Japan and her mother is remarried. She is pretty focused and I feel confident that she will succeed. Helen was the one who went up to the security supervisor to get Sarina’s pin back a couple of weeks ago. Rob my XPAT from the states who just graduated said a long time ago that Helen is very strong..and I mean strong willed. She said that working the Olympics was her duty etc. Anyhow I was walking with Helen and she told me that she heard the American expression of “woman wears the pants” she knew what it meant. She also told me that she is going to be the type of person wear she will wear the pants. I tried not to smile..and it was then I decided she is my feminist of the group.

Since Helen was working the OHC yesterday she got very into the pin trading. The entire local staff is just in awe of pin trading and very obsessed with it. I think because financially it is something they all can do. Plus it is such a social thing and many of the various sponsors have very pretty pins. Unusual configurations of pins and they were all made in China so go figure.

The other thing that is sort of cute is the local staff doesn’t drink a lot of coffee. They drink tea – the coffee is too expensive so they aren’t used to it. Because the International staff drinks coffee we have it out all over the place then the local staff is welcome to have it as well. What is cracking me up is that the local staff sees the international staff drinking it and they have started drinking it – especially since it is free. So now I see all my local gals walking around feeling “with their cups of coffee”. I ask them what they are drinking and they proudly say “they are having their morning cup of coffee.

Katie – my youngest – who we call honest Kate – she is really getting better with her English. I made her stand at the entrance of the ballroom this morning to greet people as they were arriving and say good bye to them as they were leaving. Many of these gals have very soft voices. It is funny as I make them speak up when addressing people and they find it funny as it is so out of character for them. Kate came up to me later and wondered if she could ask me a question. I said sure. She said when someone says thank you what can you say other than you’re welcome. She said she is tired of saying you are welcome and wanted something fresh to say. I smiled and told you she can say “Have a good day”. And to my few friends who are reading this blog..I say to you..”Have a good day”.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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