Michele’s Story – She is our hiring expert

Hi, Michele is amazing person who has been hired to handle all the local staffing. She has amazing stories about interviewing over 600 people who applied to work For Coca-Cola during the Olympics. She has written training manuals; placed the staffed in various job positions; keep track of hours; payroll and of course be den mother to those who needed some assistance. In Michele’s notes she doesn’t even begin to go into depth of what all she has done.

This is her story.

Ni Hao everyone! I am Michele, one of Claire’s co-workers on the Coca-Cola program. I am lucky enough to share an office with Claire, so we have the privilege to listen in as she plans menus and advises Coordinators about dining experiences for their guest. I get hungry just listening to Claire and love hearing about her projects. Thank goodness for good co-workers to eat with, vent with, and laugh with!

As Claire has shared, this experience is truly challenging and singular. My role here is very different than the operational side of events that I am usually immersed in. I have been working on this project for a year and a half- sourcing, hiring, and training all of the local staff. We have 130 staff assisting us with our program. The majority are university students, but we also have some Chinese Nationals and Ex-Pats to round out the group. This job required me to come to Beijing six times this last year, so I had the opportunity to get over the culture shock and set my expectations a lot sooner than many of the rest of the Managers who are in Beijing for the first time now.

The thing that strikes me most about this experience is the pride and honor of the Chinese people. This generation of Chinese is living in such a dichotomy because they have conservative, rooted values but are being exposed to a democratic and open world. They have a team mentality and always respect authority—but I believe they yearn for independence and adventure.

As excited as I am to return home in just a few days, I am already feeling a bit nostalgic for the China I have come to appreciate, and especially the people that have made this such a valuable experience.

I have to close by saying that Claire has been a wonderful support and I am learning a lot from her about managing multiple projects and growing a business. Something I am aspiring to! You can check out my fledging website at: www.michelelago.com


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