Menu Descriptions

Just got back from dinner tonigth with my brother and he spent the big bucks on a restaurant meal that wasn’t that great. Part of the problem is they write a menu description then the chef prepared whatever the heck he wanted. This ended up costing the restaurant some money because by my last app – I got soup/salad and crabcake appetizer I was so “done” with this lack of menu description nonesense that I sent back the crabcake and he had to refund me the $16.00 that this expensive dish cost. There was no lump in that crabcake it was a “mush” cake if you know what I mean. Then the chopped salad wasn’t chopped. Weird and sad topped with I wouldn’t recommend going back there.

The real treat came on the drive home. Dad told me my cousin called and was asked to take a pay cut. She obviously doesn’t want to do that. He said look in these economic times you can play in the parade or watch it go by your choice. Watching it go by isn’t going to do anyone any good as right now it will be hard to get into another parade so march to the beat of the world’s drum. I couldn’t agree with him more.

That is both of our stories for now and we are sticking to it.

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