Looking at the big picture

I had a major client suspend my services for probably the rest of the year if not forever.  Let’s face it do they have someone on their staff that can do what I do? Sure they do.  Will it be done as well – no because that isn’t what this person does in the day to day.  This person who is doing my work is amazing hotel contracts person. I couldn’t even begin to do what he does with all things being equal. 

My client with this account loves to strategize to make this large group better and better.  I, being the one contractor who sees and experiences many different events throughout the year is very progressive with working with her. I spend a lot of time giving them ideas plus working with the different mini groups within the organization doing whatever I needed to do to escalate their event to the next level. Many times they negotiate their F & B minimums’ without me. I realize now this is a mistake – include your F & B expert in the hotel contract negotiation faze as they might be able to save you money on the front side. The organization ended up needing to cut dollars like everyone else and eventually facing lay off. So who is the first to go. Obviously the contractors to save the organization from laying off.  

But as I started to think about my situation and the entire big picture I thought to myself that isn’t what I would do.  The value that I bring to the organization is I work in tandem with the organization to ensure the guests who are paying to attend this event have a good guest experience which might lead to their coming back. Plus I work with the sponsorship team to customize or help them in logistics that also leads to revenue being produced OR cost savings. Not in a up front way but in a back door way I am a cost savings and a revenue producer for this organization.  I would look at the big picture of all employees contractors and employees and say who is a producer for us and lay off people or ask for salary reductions based on performance not on who is a contractor or not.  My client waited very late to let me know I wasn’t on this gig anymore.  I was upset because I was told I have other clients that support me these people have only their day job. But if these people have chosen through the years to not work up to the standards of their day job why are you reinforcing that by keeping them employed anyhow.?  Folks my point to all of this when you are looking at who stays and who goes. Don’t look at contractors vs employees look at who is productive and contributes. If you do that then a hard situation all the sudden becomes crystal clear.


That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.



  1. Hi. I am a long time reader. I wanted to say that I like your blog and the layout.

    Peter Quinn

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