Hi, this is something I will probably write about quite a bit because I love this word. It holds so many different meanings and is applicable in so many ways.  Today for me it means “people” I find people and all their various strengths to be inspiring. 

Difficult times are here no doubt about it and they are here to stay longer than we all would like – no doubt about that as well. 

 Today was an odd day. It started off where my beloved business coach – Susan Davidson’s 29 year old niece passed this morning of a brain tumor that she was fighting fro 4.1/2 years.  She was spent her last days in the hospital with family and friends leaving this world knowing she was loved. From what Susan told me about her niece she was always upbeat and strong and did her best to fight her tumor and then knowing when to bow out gracefully.  Appreciating life for what was in front of her and what it has to offer – How inspirational is that? –

A couple of hours later one of my best friends Pam called that her mother had passed this morning.  This too was not unexpected.  Ethel was a strong Western, Pa country gal who had 7 children and a husband who had been by her side in throughout her illness of the last 3 to 4 years.  Ethel leaves behind a boatload of grandkids and family. The majority of the town will be showing up this week to pay their last respects to Ethel and she from the heavens will experience great joy in knowing the humanity that she had taken part in with such a large family – How inspirational is that?

Last – I was flying home from LA getting to spend the week working. Gosh did it feel good! I have spent the past several months I have been extremely worried about the economy and how am I going to survive? Almost to the point that it was immobilizing me – and I just in the past week started really thinking – this negative energy is not necessary. Focus on what I have control of and hang tough with it all. Look at what I am doing and focus on becoming even better.  Not looking forward to the 4 hour flight back across the country I decided to watch a couple of movies. Oddly enough it is rare that I watch a movie on an airplane.  The movie I chose which is totally out of character for me was called “The Express”.  It was a movie about Ernie Davis the first Black Heisman Trophy Winner from Syracuse, New York.  I can’t recommend it enough – it was so inspirational.  Ernie Davis was just blessed with being an amazing athlete.  Born in Western, Pa and then moved to Elmira, New York as a 12 year old.  He went on to win every football award there was with style, grace, determination and class.  All with the challenges of being black in the early 1960’s when desegregation was at its worst.  I found Ernie’s story to be so inspirational to me because no matter how bad it got or how hard it got he rose to the challenge of hard work and focus to be the best he could be.  This is the kick in the ass that I need to get back into the game – how cheesy clichés is that?  I need to only look through the windshield and not the rearview of what I can do. Focus on more accomplishments with my company that I have worked so hard. Strive towards becoming any better and what does that look like – instead of complaining like I have been these past 3 months. The punch in the gut with this story is after breaking all these color barrier’s in the 1960’s Ernie gets drafted by the NFL.  He can basically pick any team he wants to go play. He chooses the Cleveland Browns because another Syracuse black player in front of him who Ernie admired went to play for Cleveland.  Ernie arrives to start spring training and he is diagnosed with acute leukemia and dies approximately 10 months later at the age of 23. 

 Ernie works his ass off this entire life to be this ground breaking football player that has to over come so many obstacles.  The time finally comes for him to truly reap the rewards of all his hard work at the prime age of 23 and he dies of cancer.  Reading just what I wrote about Ernie from the movie do you think he complained and said why me?  I don’t think so. How inspirational is that?

This is my story for now and I am sticking too it.


It has been a long inspirational day and I am going to bed. 



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