Hi, doing some culinary negotiation for an event in Minneapolis and the client wants some local flavors. YIKES, I call the DOC and ask her and she said Hot Dishes, Walleye and Rice. Nice combination of flavors being sarcastic. I say what is a hot dish and she said basically a casserole with whatever you want to put in it. That is sort of fun and messy all at the same time for a reception. Then I did a google search. Oddly enough at their state fair is known for doing food on a stick. If you think this is a touch gross at times you are correct. 3 food critics decided to go to this state fair and travel the food offerings. Last year it was at a record 57 “food items” on a stick. From what they had to write about this it highly recommended and I have said this over and over – honor the food and don’t try to make it something that it isn’t. And I feel confident in saying these 3 food critics rightfully agree.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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