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I was sitting with a chef today doing some menu negotiations for a restaurant buyout. Part of the dinner is fried chicken – I know it really is more elegant than what it sounds. This is an upper tier restaurant in Atlanta. When I was at this restaurant a couple of weeks ago doing my menu tasting I tried their fried chicken and found it to be a touch flat. Ok, I just lied to all of you I found it to be very flat in taste.  As we were reviewing this part of the menu  today I said to the chef that I would like to go to a spicier seasoning on the chicken.  He said ok, then I said have you ever been to Popeye’s and had their spicy fried chicken? He looked at me like I had 5 heads and in an arrogant chef manner looked at me like this was my first day on the job and said “I don’t eat fast food”.  I thought shame on you! Good food comes in many different forms and some of the most creative food out there will be seen at various fast food restaurants. Now, I am not saying to go eat McDonalds every day but pay attention to what these folks are doing and become familiar with it. It is part of your job as a chef to be aware of ALL foods especially the more popular ones…and do know why fast food companies are good companies to pay attention too?? BECAUSE they have the money for R & D. Plus you can take some of the more popular items and do your own twist on them. So chef’s if you fall into this category of “I don’t eat fast food” shame on you! do yourself a favor and at least have an awareness. You might just be surprised.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.

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