Above Menus and Prices are Based on One Hour of Service
And DO NOT include Seating or Table Service.

If additional staff or seating is required,

A charge of $5.00++ Per Person will be added to the above prices.

All Continental Breakfasts are served inside the Meeting Room

Or in the adjacent Foyer/Terrace Area 

All Prices Subject to a taxable 24% Service Charge, Subject to Change and Applicable

 OK FOLKS it is this type of craziness that  I HATE! – Basically your breakfast prices are ranging $20 – 30.00 per person and you are telling me that I am being charged extra to have someone sit down? Then why am I paying 24% service charge?  Then on top of it you don’t even tell me what sales tax is WHY? So now I have to call someone to find out what the tax is – why don’t you give the information in your menu packages?


 Look if I am buying any type of food of you and paying 24% service charge then you folks should have the courtesy to allow people to sit down at a table with their food.  That is what service charge is for.  What type of equipment do you have at a 24% service charge. Because you have a fancy platter and a couple of risers to place the food. It definitely isn’t because of your linens and interesting looking buffets I can promise you all that.

 Hotel’s it isn’t my fault you aren’t making your numbers. Don’t suck it from your clients by raising service charge. How about this for a concept. Do you JOB charge FAIRLY for your services and the amount of business that you get will take care of itself.  With this type of service charge you are going to see people start negotiating it because too much of their money is going back to the house and not enough is being allowed to spend on the group – which by the way is the reason why we are there. Hotels you are doubling dipping as you are making your money off your crazy pricing so you need not to make money off of the service charge.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.

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