Roys in PHX


In PHX – one of my favorite places working the next couple of days and got treated to Roy’s for dinner tonight.  The food was overall pretty good the wine – Justin’s that my client picked out was amazing and the company the best. 

Food – This was interesting. Here we are at this Asian Fusion restaurant and what are the salads – BORING! why is it that at this restaurant they would have traditional salads with traditional dressings. I am freaking ROY’s for G-dsakes – give me a cute ginger soy viniagrette dressing or a  Pineapple Yuzu Viniagrette not a creamy buttermilk ranch dressing.  That makes no flipping sense to me.  I did get a grilled butterfish which was a light tasting fish that was quite delicious. I will say at $29.00 for the plate the portion size was very small  not giving a decent value for the money.

My client ordered wine called Justin’s and that was wonderful. This wine comes in many different varieties.  I would recommend using it for banquets and she said the price value is good.

My Rx for Weddings brochure is almost done.

This is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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