Puttanesca – Interesting story behind this pasta sauce – do read on!

Ok, the same Hyatt that I was talking smack on a minute ago – I owe a touch of an apology. I am writing my last menu of the evening when I came across a pasta with a Puttanesca sauce. I didn’t know what this sauce was so I decided to Google it.  Boy did Google give me an eyeful of an explanation.

The name originated in Naples[2] after the local prostitutes[3], Pasta alla Puttanesca meaning “Pasta the way a whore would make it”. The reason why the dish gained such a name is debated, though the most obvious contrast— with alla casalinga, simple “home-style” tomato sauce which has been “tarted up”, as the English would say— is ignored for livelier original legends. One possibility is that the name is a reference to the sauce’s hot, spicy flavour and pungent smell. Another is that the dish was offered to prospective customers at a low price to entice them into a brothel[citation needed]. According to chef Jeff Smith of the Frugal Gourmet, its name came from the fact that it was a quick, cheap meal that prostitutes could prepare between customers.

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