My web designers new puppy


I am about to release a new service which I will discuss more in a later blog.  I have been working with Tiffany at Allegheny Graphics to get the visual ready for this new service.  When I went to her office the other day she had a new addition.  Ok a new addition is good – a new addition mostly means small – but not in Tiffany’s case  a new additions comes in the size of a GREAT DANE PUPPY.  Small for now, nnoooottt so much later. If you want a definition of a love bug – meet Dante.  I was able  to hold Dante in my lap and love on him while Tiffany was making a million changes to the new flyer for the millionth time – oh and did I say patiently?  I have to give Tif a lot of credit she was extremely kool about my loving all over her puppy like a fool!

Enjoy the pictures

This is my story for now and I am sticking to it.

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