While in PA – I went shopping with one of my best friends Pam.  Pam is one of the few souls who doesn’t really have internet at home and therefore doesn’t spend much time on the computer.  She was a friends house one day and decided to go on their computer to google some sale items at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  She asked her friend the name of the web site and they said just google Dick’s.  Pam did as instructed and BOY did she get an eyefull.  And we definitely aren’t talking about sporting goods.

That is Pam’s story for now and she is sticking to it.



  1. Oh My! I have a friend who knits, and did something similar. She wished to knit an old fashioned hand warmer for Christmas caroling, and was looking for a pattern online. With visions of sugar plums dancing in her head, she Google’d, “muff”. Those sugar plums ran away faster than Santa up the chimney. 🙂

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