Events that blend together

I am working with a client who designed an event thinking that lighting is going to be out of her budget. So she did the correct thing and went with nicer linens and centers and she will use the hotel’s existing outdoor lighting for the event.

 WEEELLLLL  – Surprise – the lighting house came back and to my client with a proposal that can bo doable.  She sent me everything to get my thoughts.  This is what I had to say.  Either give the lighting company a picture of the linen choices as they do have some print on them to make sure their design and gel colors blend with what she is doing OR – go with a simpler lighter (to absore the light) linen.  Just make sure that these 2 pieces are coordinated so the event doesn’t look like it has 2 separate statements.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.

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