The answer to Liberty

Just when I said I wasn’t going to ask the question to where Liberty got her name – a phone conversation with her assistant Heather lead to just that.  A lovely email from the “Lady” herself. I made YET ANOTHER CHANGE and called Heather to answer some questions.  I told her to please let Liberty know how much I enjoyed dealing with her as she is very thorough and you rarely see that in off premise catering companies.  That in my last news letter I talked about how “loose” off prem caterers work and this is what adds to an event not being successful.  She gave Liberty the message and Liberty went onto my blog to check out what I wrote and saw my note from the day before.  With that being said she very generously wrote me the story of her name. It is really very funny.

Yes, Liberty is my birth given name and there is not some crazy insanely exciting story behind it! basically my mom was watching a movie and was in labor but was dying to see the end and at the end of the movie the guy said to the kid “So what’s your name anyway Kid?” she replied in a very sassy tone “ Liberty”. Mom said that she went to the hospital and now knew what her new baby would be named

The above is Liberty’s story for now and she is sticking to it.

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