Rx – Bullshit Buzzer – at an Arizona Hotel

Hi,  this one is worth a hit of the bullshit buzzer – their lunch prices average $56 INCLUSIVE – INCLUSIVE and you are telling me I can only have it out for 1 hour and each additional hour is $12.00 per person ++.  BULLSHIT!


  1. Troy Batt says

    Come on now, all parties need to play fair while in the sandbox together, especailly when asking for favors! Just to Claire-fy, our fantasic Chef, who is a personal friend of RX for Catering, did massage all the pricing and menus to meet the groups needs. Partnerships between good Customers and good Chefs/Catering Departments assist in making these scenarios possible. We value all business, large groups or small groups and have the unique ability as an independent hotel to be flexible for every groups needs!

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