Bullshit Buzzer- Four Seasons Geneva


Folks, my heart was sad on this one. Gone are the days when people at the fine hotels “Make It Happen”  This ones comes to us from Geneva where I am working and this incident was at The Four Seasons….where let’s just say if you have to ask how much anything costs ~ you have no business being there.  I am working for a high net worth individual who always stays at Four Seasons in a suite. It turned out that we needing  a meeting room for the next day and this occurred late at night.  I went to make arrangements and since it was 10:30 at night went to the concierge. I was told I would need to come back the next day. I said can’t this is for 7:30 in the morning.  He said sorry. I said NO look at your daily for tomorrow to see if anything is available. He did and he said sorry nothing is available. I explained who my boss was and that I would recommend he finds something. He looked and said nothing is available.

I then asked to speak to the MOD – he said there was no one for me to talk to. I said WRONG it is 10:30 at night this is The Four Seasons and I am sure there is someone who is available who can help me.  He then turns me over to his other concierge buddy to assist.  He said he would look to see if any suites were available and we can hold this 5 person meeting in a suite. Makes a couple of phone calls and no suite is available.  Ok, I am a reasonable person – I realize you can’t give me what you don’t have at 10:30 the night before but here is where it really sucked and I lost a lot of respect for this hotel chain.  We said ok, how about just reserving us a quite table in the restaurant for breakfast so we could hold our press interview. Let’s face it my client spends a lot of money at this chain and he deserves a little respect and/or bending of the rules.  What the conceirge said ‘ NO – not possible they are not going to help us out!  Good eh? I walked away that evening very dishearting knowing even the better ones are folding with not wanting to acknowledge and help their upper end customers.  Let me end this story is my client did end up getting a table at breakfast for the press interview.  The food was beyond expensive – $12.00 for 2 pieces of toast and on top of the the service was lousy she forgot to bring parts of the order – the food was cold. 

Four Seaons very dishearting and that is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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