Thai Food in Geneva

Sounds awkward and out of place eh? and yet we went to this casual restaurant that was delicious.  We started out by having the most delicious curry ever. I am not a big curry fan but last night was a bit educational.  Red curry medium hot; green curry spicy hot.  But if you mix it rice then you are all ok.  The rice evens the spice out so don’t let it intimidate you. 

Then we went onto desserts. This was actually clever. All they have is frozen creamy sorbet type of desserts.  And this is perfect after a meal that has some spices.  They also served the dessert in context with the flavor. For example the lemon sorbet was served in a 1/2 of lemon shell same with mango and coconut.  The flavor of the creamy sorbet had a lot of depth WITHOUT having too much sugar.  This is where people screw up with sorbet – the flavor is good but after a couple of bites it gets to sweet. I feel like I am eating pure sugar and that is flavored and that isn’t right.  Just for the record my favorite flavor is Mango and if it is too sweet do like they do in Mexico – cut it with lime.  I had a pastry chef recently cut it with lemon – WRONG do lime it compliments the flavor of the mango on a greater scale.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.

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