I am home in Kittanning and was sitting at Pam’s house last night. A bunch of us were sitting on the porch when her brother said look there’s the owl. Pam commented they haven’t seen the owl for awhile.  Another person told all of us the owl’s name is Ozzie. Makes sense to me. I never saw an owl – just hanging out on a telephone wire.  What sucked a bit about it is it was dark out we couldn’t get a clear view of the owl. What did surprise me is they have some “girth” to them but Ozzie didn’t look heavy on the wire.  Then Ozzie flew to a small tree branch – looking for a  midnight snack of baby birds and the tree branch barely bent.  We all sat very still for about 30 minutes watching in fascination this owl.  I felt really lucky as I never saw an owl outside of the zoo.  Finally the soda pop I drank earlier in the evening got the best of me and I had to break to the mood to go home.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.

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