One thing that is all so important as an event planner and yet we tend to “glaze” over it is properly communicating the timing of an event.  MORE IMPORTANT  when doing an event  timeline is taking into consideration our guests and how this timeline will affect them and their experience at your event.  Let me give an extreme sample of this.  WEDDINGS. I went to a little country wedding recently and the couple got married at 1:00 pm in the afternoon. Ceremony was over at 2:00 pm  – Catholic so they had to do mass – reception immediately following – but not so much. By the time pictures were taken, the bridal party did the 30 minute drive to the reception  – the introducted the bridal couple – bridal party did champagne toasts – the serving of the food did not begin until 5:00 pm.  So what about the guests?  Good question – what about them? 

If you are doing a wedding – corporate event – customer party etc. the planners or focal point of attention need to understand in order to be successful it isn’t all about them. Yup even at a wedding. Your guests and their well being has to be taken into consideration. I recommned that you plan an event from the guests point of view – from their eyes instead of your own and I think you will find from a timing perspective a more co-hesive palnned event – with much happier guests.

You may now kiss the bride.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.

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