Banqueting Food in Prague

Not bad – is my general comment.  Since the majority of the staff was raised in Communist Czech or their parents are – you don’t see a lot of smiling.  The chef is roughly in his late50’s early 60’s so he is very militant in his point of view.  I made the very bad mistake in asking him to make some changes. Actually I exaggerate a bit he was ok after a bit of barking.  But once you tease with him as much as you can in a foreign language and eventually all is good.  I went around to the staff and thanked them for their help and laughing told them to smile. They aren’t used to the client acknowledging their efforts so by the time we were done with the first meal I was starting to see the first glimpse of a smile.  Today was our last banqueting meal and several of them were coming  up trying to give me extra food – that I don’t need; extra drinks – that I really don’t need and giving extra service because I took an interest in them.  My funnest moment was with the militant chef.  I was cleaning out the garage before I left and found an apron from an event that I did at Kevin Rathburn’s restaurant.  I bought it over and gave it to the chef. I explained to him that Kevin was a very famous chef in Atlanta where I am from and that he wanted him to have this apron. Which knowing Kevin he would.  Chef burst into a big smile and immediately put it on and walked around to show it to his staff with pride.  It was so kool and he kept thanking me.  So if I want job satisfaction I think back to this moment and there I will have it.

Regarding banqueting in general – in Prague the bread isn’t nearly as good as you get in other parts of Europe and definitely not even close to comparision to France where one can live on bread.  Sodas here are all served in individual bottles which everyone loves getting a small bottle. 

Other than that nothing much happened as we were well into meeting mode.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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