My day in Chicago

What I learned yesterday actually happened at the Atlanta airport.  I was walking through the food court when a party of 4 people caught my eye.  They were all dressed in “boy scout” clothes. It was obvious a father and 2 sons which I thought was lovely and then a 4th person caught my eye.  It was obviously their mother. Who looked to be “into scouting” just as much as the father. I thought ok, that’s very kool.  Mom was an older gal definitely in shape.  It is when she stood up that I realized uuugghh there is a reason why scouting is for boys.  Those uniforms are not meant in any way to be worn be a female. I am a traditionalist scouting is a boy thing and so are the uniforms. Mom’s have no right to be seen wearing a scouting uniform. Granted I think the activity is amazing and I write this ditty very tongue and cheek.

Attended a trade show for exhibitors in Chicago yesterday. Got a couple of good ideas and what I liked most about exhibits is they are very “comforting” with their environment and lighting elements. There were some very pretty exhibits on display that give you that look of “home” and business all in one shot.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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