Giggles with my Pop

I was in PA for about 6 days visiting with my friends and spending time with my father.  He took me back to the airport today which is no easy task since we live about 1.5 hours away.  Driving through Pittsburgh is never easy.  For once he let me take the wheel and do the driving so he could relax on the way down and just have a good final visit.  Uge and I were talking about things in life that no matter how long ago it happens that when you think about it  – it always makes you giggle. 

When I was in Jr. High he had this friend who lived in the neighborhood that was Jewish and I think from New York who owned a business. Dennis was a bit on the slick side – probably not the best business man, my father said he was wicked smart and what Dennis did have was a good sense of humor.  Dennis married a gal from the area and I think that is why they lived there for about 10 year until they moved to Orlando, Florida.  Dennis had a business that sold siding and roofing.  Dennis didnt’ have any employees so he would contract everything out through firms in Pittsburgh when he sold a job.  Now remember that I come from a small farming community and dad told me through fits of laughter that Dennis sold a new roof to a guy years ago in a farming community. He called his sub contract firm in Pittsburgh to come up and put on the roof.  The sub contract company comes up goes to this cracker box house knocks on the door and said we are here to put a new roof on your house. The farmer looks at them and says OK and  off to work they go. Dennis being Dennis doesn’t go out to check the job until it is almost done – ONLY TO DISCOVER they  put the roof on the WRONG HOUSE! by now my dad is rolling in the seat laughing so hard with tears coming down his eyes.  This happened about 20 years ago but it still makes him laugh till hurts.

That is my story for this evening and I am sticking to it.


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