Buying out a high end restaurant

Here is something that erks the hell out of me.  This year I have been contracted by a couple of clients to negotiate menus at very high end restaurants.  I find a couple of restaurants and I am talking about very nice restaurants and here is where it gets weird.  Because the economy isn’t pretty these restaurants are feeling their lumps.  So here I come along negotiate a decent deal and we are all happy about it.  I TELL these restaurant managers up front that I am going to tweek the menu because these events are going on a couple of days and I can’t have double of the same food so are they cool with that – they say yes…UNTIL the rubber meets the road or the menu comes to fruition and all the sudden they come back and say they can’t make the changes. And I am talking about changing out a starch or vegetable with something that is very doable. They don’t want to do it why because THEIR EGO IS involved. Not that they can’t do it; not that they aren’t capable of doing it but because their EGO doesn’t want to do it. So what happens to the concern for the customer.  It is nowhere to be seen. This is my point – I wish these chef’s would listen to why the customer is wanting to make some of these minor changes because after all – THEY ARE BUYING OUT THEIR RESTAURANT in these hard economic times. I wish the chef would be appreciative of the business they are getting and have a desire to satisfy the customer…I wish the chef would want to step out of the comfort zone box and not be lazy with doing the same menu day in and day out.

That is my wish for now and I am sticking to it.


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