Why retail is in trouble

I went to buy a fairly expensive camera at Sears because I cashed in gift cards through AMX rewards. I was told that Sears does in fact carry this product line. I called two stores to see if they had the camera before I made the trek to purchase it. I was told yes they do have it but only on line. This sucks – they don’t want to carrry more expensive merchandise because this means they are going to have to “make the effort” to learn the equipment so they can properly sell it plus increase their inventory in this hard times. They are worrying more about the money instead of their customer. What this meant is that I have a very bad taste in my mouth for Sears because I think they are doing themselves a disservice with this approach of forcing people on line. What I did was redeposit my coupons which Sears would have gotten paid for – and went elsewhere. There are still a fair amount of people out there who do not want to be held hostage to on line especially when expensive merchandise is the focal. With this thought process Sears will continue to be on the downside because they are loosing sight of their customers.
This is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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