The Meaning of What To Wear?

As we are heading into holiday and new year party season I was sent this question via my website.  I thought the question was so appropriate that I would share it all with you. It is a question has no correct answer as it is al subject to personal interpretation, styale and taste.  Ready for the big question ? Are you sure??
What is the definition of formal cocktail attire?  Here is what I wrote back to the person.
No one has an answer for that it is verbiage used to want to make something sound fancy. It means for men jackets and ties and a nicer tie than what they would wear on their day to day. Women upgraded cocktail dress. There are daytime cocktail dresses and evening cocktail dresses and they are suggesting evening. In reality as I said no one knows that this also lets you know that black tie is not required. The above is just my opinion  I then thought I better google this just to make sure I am not way off the mark. Here is what my dear friend Google had to say about formal cocktail attire.

Google – What is formal cocktail attire?

Cocktail attire technically means a suit for men, and a cocktail dress for women, which usually means a short dress (preferably not career wear). I prefer a little black dress — and depending how formal you think the event is, you can glam it up with accessories. Of course you have lots of leniency in what you wear — a dressy pantsuit, a lovely skirt and top, etc. Everyone interprets the meaning of dress requests differently.

Please to say that I wasn’t that far off the mark and as usual when all else fails – Do as Ms. Coca Chanel does – pull out the little black dress with some pearls and you will never go wrong. One last world of advise don’t forget some fabulous and yet sensible pumps.
This is my above knee length story for now and I am sticking to it.

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