Fall in PA

Came to PA today to spend some time with my father before going to Phoenix for a couple of days to work.  Flying up from Atlanta we made record time because the pilot had 90 mile per hour tailwinds so it was FAST!  The weather was a warm fall day and the trees are clinging onto their last leaves before they say goodbye and hunker down to the winter weather.  The Japanese maple beside my fathers house always astounds me on how beautiful it is.


As some of you know my father is ill with cancer and he just finished a bout in the hospital with an infection.  He said it was a  horrible experience as he was scared with being so sick. My dad is a healthy guy so this whole cancer thing is just awful.  So we started this schtick where I tell him to look at the windshield and not in the rear view mirror that is “our saying”. 

I am going to bed – that is my story for now  and I am sticking to it.


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