Texas Stadium – Arlington

Just got back from working an event at Texas Stadium.  The call it in Texas the house that Jerry built but in reality it should be called The House That Jerry’s EGO built.  Is it big – sure it is; does it look as pretty as a stadium can look – sure it does; was it built with the integruity of honoring the sports so that people can really enjoy themselves and view the sports appropriately – Not even close.  This stadium is probably one of the worst places imaginable to watch a sporting event.  So much so that Jerry agrees – he put one of the worlds biggest jumbotrons in the stadium so you end up watching the jumbo tron and NOT the field. We were in suites and there is no way you can see the field from up there – so with that being said the sports in which this very stadium was built for peopel to come see sports – ironically ends up being the worst place to see the game.  It is way too big and it costs too much to go there.  It is a shame that this really ends up being the “House of Greed”.  My client told me when she came down to see a game here parking was SEVENTY – FIVE dollars to park – in TEXAS where there is an abudance of land no less.  The cost of doing business there was very expensive for the same quality of food one can get anywhere in the country.  There wasn’t anything special about it other than the pricing.  Overall I walked away feeling sad that this stadium wasn’t built to honor the sport but more to honor an already wealthy man’s ego.

This is my story for now and I am sticking to it.

Texas Stadium

Picture from the Jumbotron

Opening with Usher


I took this picture of me and Rock T a radio personality in Houston

John Starks - NBA All Star Player and I

Paula and I with Big Tigger who is a BET personality

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