Geneva and Mount Blanc

Although I am home from Geneva I still would like to share some pictures. For some reason the pictures this trip didn’t turn out great with the camera I tend to cherish the most. Maybe its days with me are numbered.  Because I know it isn’t the photographer! LOL.

Here are some other pictures of the week.  During move in we went to The Crowne  Plaza for lunch.  The one thing  I do like about Europe is on every buffet you find this mixed berry salad.  Food in Switzerland is very expensive. Lunch buffet was $55.00 USD plus tip!

European Mixed Berry Salad

Traditional tart

European tart

Very classic presentation of salmon but I think it looks thoughtful.

The catering company did the nicest looking box lunch I have ever seen. Folks in the US take note please! Plus - it was fresh and tasted great.

Actual width of the fuselage of the SSBJ in this floor graphic.

Facts on flying at Mach in an Aerion airplane

Pictures isn't great - but to survive in business - fly faster

Conference room inside the exhibit

Graphic I had made this was in the seating area - taken during move out hence the garbage on the floor.

My friend Jack Sykes Chief Photographer - Pro Pilot Magazine taking a much needed break.

My airplane setting

After the show was over we all had to stay over to to move out the show and back “out stuff” about 6 of us decided to spend the day in Mount Blanc, France which is about 1 hour outside of Geneva.  Home to the famous Mount Blanc mountains, village and of course expensive pen.  The mountains go through France, Italy and I think Switzerland.  There in the village you can go up the side of the mountain in France the whole way to the top.  The village itself is pretty big for a village with lots of shopping and quaint restaurants.  The tram to the top of the mountain costs approx. $60 USD and takes about 20 minutes to get to the top.  Halfway through the journey you do get off and switch tram cars that take you the rest of the journey.  The ticket lady is very specific about letting you know that it is cloudy and you won’t see much at the top – being 12,600 feet in the air.  Once you are up that high though you can take another “skylift” the rest of the 65 meters to the top but it was closed that day.  But first let me back up a bit. 

Our drive to Mount Blanc

More driving

The village of Mount Blanc is really very nice and the most popular with skiiers during the season.   We all went to do what we do best – eat when we got to the village before taking the tram up the side of the mountain.  I shared a dish that I have heard about for years but never tried. Rackelette which is melted cheese and then they give you potatoes, bread and meat to dip into. This dish is well known in this part of Europe. Plus it does come with a special cheese which is perfect for melting and isn’t too strong. So if you aren’t a “cheese eater” you would still enjoy this dish.

Rackelette in Mount Blanc

Each side of cheese is heated and you lift a side and scrape the cheese off

John, LoPita, Scott and I getting into our "car" that will take us to the top of Mount Blanc. Notice the gentleman to the side with this baguette. He works there and is going to work.

Our car pulling out of the station. You go 1/2 up and then have to switch cars. These tram cars actually go pretty fast.

And higher - notice how the temperature starts to change.

And higher

Going into the clouds

Inside the tram car as they are doing a shift change.

The entire way in the clouds


Tram car at halfway point that takes you "almost" to the top

What the tram lines look like on the second phase of the trip to the top of the mountain.

John and LoPita

Lopita, an employee on his way to work and me.

The view outside the tram car window of the side of the mountain as we are nearing the top.

At the top of the mountain - or near the top they have a couple of different tunnels dug out to give toursits different views.

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