Dad’s herb garden

About 2 years ago dad decided he wanted an herb garden in the back yard. He and his trusted handyman Russ put their heads together and made a planter box that dad could easily manage.  Dad really enjoyed his herb garden and even planted a couple veggies in there as well to round of the fresh offerings.

Now that he is gone I decided that while we (kids to include Pam) have the house that we should plant his herb garden.  I mistakenly bought everything at the end of April. And apparently that is way to early to plant because we still get frosts up here.  Since my thumb isn’t anywhere close to green I had no idea until “Team Gene” told me. (that consists of his handimen who help me with this place and Pam my friend who lives here full time).  We still decided to go ahead with the planting and cross fingers. Well, dad must be looking down upon me as the garden is doing just fine.  I planted lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro, onions – his favorite and strawberries. After I told Pam what I bought she said “I hope you didn’t plant the onions near the strawberries”..I rolled my eyes because OF COURSE I planted the onions near the strawberries. We decided we would call them straonions if the 2 combined.

Here are some pictures.

Dad's and now mine herb garden

Bib Lettuce

Flowers from a bush at 206 Locust Lane

Another bush at 206

 I am now off to get my teeth cleaned by my friend Becky,

This is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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