Yard sale at Dr. Gould’s house

Yesterday was the annual Sedwick Heights yard sale with many thanks to the wonderful ladies of the neighborhood who coordinate this every year for who ever wants to participate.  As we all know yard sales take a lot of work but in the end it is worth it to see the happy faces of the people who are recepients of goods they can purchase for under a $1.00. Since “team” of 206 Locust Lane has been packing since January we were all eager to get this stuff sold and out of the house. Now that it is on the market we or “I” need to continue to clean out.  But what was even more important to us was that it gave us an opportunity to let the community know that we are still engaged in being in Western Pa and taking care of dad’s property and interests.  Many people who stopped by was a patient of “Dr. Gould’s” at one time or another. We heard many Dr. Gould stories throughout the day. My 2 favorites was this one older woman was so excited to be at his house as he was her eyedoctor for years – that when she bought a sailboat piece my sister told her that this was one of dad’s favorite pieces she got so excited that she got something he personally picked out that she was going to go straight home and write on the back of it that it came from Dr. Gould’s house. How lovely is that. This other woman that is into her 60’s told me that when she was 16 years old that she couldn’t get her drivers liscense until she got glasses so of to Dr. Gould’s she went for glasses.  She was a patient up to his retirement. And the stories go on throughout the day.  The yard sales was busy since Sedwick Heights is a nice neighborhood and there were about 10 sales going on that day.  Then we got some people who came by to pay their respects to my sister and I.  All of it was lovely. And to all who stopped by  ~ we say thank you.

Even though this is a little fuzzy - my sister Lois making the first sale of the day - I gave her the title of CFO of the yard sale.

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