Chicago, Chicago


Had a great time working in Chicago for the National Restaurant Show for Coca-Cola. This is unusual for me as I don’t touch F & B for them I am in charge of housing and badges for their largest trade show.  Julie my client and I did manage to get some good eating in.  I love Chicago for many reasons. The main one is it is a softer version of NYC.  The food is just as creative and intense and the choices of not good food but great food is unlimited. I come back to Atlanta understanding the frustation that the culinary choices here aren’t a creative and the quality and focus just isn’t the same.

Friday night we went to Blackbird to dinner. This was an exciting evening to be there because it was recently announced that their chef received 2010 Best New Chef’s from Food and Wine Magazine.  The food was distinctive but I learned a couple of things.  The female server was amazing. It reminded me how important good service is and how it really does add to the overall dining experience.  Our server wasn’t dressed in a uniform but a soft feminane dress that  I thought she was the hostess. She was  educated on the menu and was very patient with our questions. Never rushed us or talked down to us as we asked endless questions on the menu and struggled with what to order as there were so many choices. What I also learned that night is that it isn’t good to overwrite a menu. Especially a dessert menu that was so technical you couldn’t understand it. All the sudden dessert wasn’t a pleasure but a chore.  Then you realize that it is too much work after drinking and eating the first 2 courses.  Moral of the story is don’t overwrite the dessert menu. Keep the flavors that you have but make the writing simple to understand.

Soft shell crab that was light and crunchyperfectly done

My duck entree

Banana bread pudding with banana ice cream and infused chocolate mousse and foam

Coca-Cola Freestyle machine

Their booth that highlighted their coffee offerings

Cupcake Tower

Mini ice cream cones - love the different shape of these

Interesting cookingware to do small individual portions

How fun is this milk case

My Kobe Beef Salad with Grilled Pineapple and Coconut Viniagrette

Coca-Cola red dress of Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum's dress that Coke commission for their Heart Healthy campagin

Silverware centerpieces that I thought was very clever

Veggie centerpiece - they did a large veggie station at the reception. A play off of farm to table

More of the veggie station

Love the clean look of this decal on this table

Interesting cone holder


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