Memorial Day 2010

It was Memorial Day 2009 that dad decided to do a big blow out in Kittanning and have the entire family together. There are times that we as a family unit aren’t great but that year it wasn’t bad. Probably because all of us had in the back of our minds that this might be the last Memorial day we would have dad.  We all turned out to be right.  We decided it would only be fitting to truly honor dad if we all got together this Memorial Day in Atlanta with Bruce’s house being the focal point of our activities.  In the spirit of being with us my cousin Stephanie, her husband and daughter came down from New York. Since Stephanie was with us the entire time dad was passing his final week we were all thrilled to have her gentle comforting spirit with us over the first weekend we were all together since dad has passed. 

The one thing that is  good is all the cousins 4 of them really get along great.  They can play for hours together with minimual fighting. We really didn’t do that much earthshattering together of than just being.  Bruce has a big house with a nice pool so Bruce cooked lunch and then we all went to the pool to hang out for a couple of hours. After lunch everyone went their separate ways to do things they wanted to do individually. I took my cousin her daughter, Ava and my neice Emily (5 years) to the mall so Ava could find a dress for prom. Since prom is over here in Atlanta there wasn’t much to choose from.  BUT JUST AS we were leaving we did find a store that had prom dresses and she found an amazing dress at 50% off. Although I am scared that hemming it will cost her the additional 50% of the savings. 

Ava - May 2010 trying on Prom Dresses to be a size zero

The prom dress she ended up getting

Ava with my niece Emily (5) the both share a special bond and are very close

Next we went to the Melting Pot for dinner. I had the estate pay for dinner as I feel strongly dad would want that – he would want to pay for something that we are doing all together and in the spirit of him it should be “a meal”.  The Melting Pot is a little on the pricey side – it is a fondue restaurant but we didn’t order meals for everyone and it ended up working just fine. We had the right amounth off food and no one walked away hungry. The do a great job with presenting the fondue and really making everything delicous and fun for the kids.  I am embarrased to say it but their chocolate fondue is unbelievable.  After dinner we went back to Bruce’s house where we watched the movie “Leatherheads” with George Cooleny. It was  fun movie and a good way to end a perfect day with all of us being what families should be – together.

3 of the cousins and Lois having fun

Benny very happily waiting for his chocolate fondue to arrive.

Sunday we went out to Bruce’s house early as Bruce took a bunch of the gang up the side of the mountain on a hike. Those who went had a great time and took many pictures along the way.  I ended up going to Kroger to get food for lunch. We kept it casual with hot dogs and salmon on the grill for the adults.  Afterwards we all went to Shrek to see the final installment. It was in 3 – D and a couple of the kids have never seen a movie in 3 – D. We all loved it including the adults.  I then took Ava and Emily to go get the prom dressed hemmed.  It turned out to be not too bad. But the both of them were tired and fell asleep in the car on the way home.

My two sleeping beauties

We finished out the night be everyone coming to my house for dinner. Eytan and I made a quick trip to the farmers market to pick up snow crab.  My friend Steve cooked meats and sausages and we ended up having a large feast at our house. Steve and his family had to go home late afternoon so there were 9 of us at my house. Everyone ate until they were stuffed.

I am sure in their own ways we were all heavily thinking about mom and dad this past weekend and how much they would have enjoyed being with us. You can only hope that they are in heaven looking down with a feeling of pride that their hard work of raising 4 children wasn’t in vain. That we will try to continue to respect their wishes that we all stay together and find time in our individual busy lives to be with one another with no fighting and no drama. Which was exactly what we did this weekend. We just appreciated the fact that we had one another as we are all finding our way through our own individual processes of loss.

That is my story for now and I am going to be sticking to it.


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