A place for everything

A couple of weeks ago my sister and I were in the basement of my father’s home doing what we do best…packing.  We were definitely narrowing in on it with one room and there was a brand new dehumidifier. I told her I needed to find a home for that but for now I probably would hold onto it because they are expensive and somewhere down the road we might need it.  She said yup dad and I bought that together some years ago and I am surprised that he never used it.  Fast forward to today. My oldest and best friend’s son came over Andrew who just graduated high school. He bought his BFF and together we packed a “dump truck” of all the things that needed to go down to storage.  Most of it will probably end up at Goodwill but for now I just need it out of the house.  The boys were great and hard working. Matter of fact I wanted to do anything I can to help these young men as they are venturing out into the world. Andrew is going to a local college and his friend is going to play hockey for a farm team in Philly.  Oddly enough my fathers shoes fit them so they each took a new pair of shoes, picked out some ties and were both beyond thrilled.  As a sidenote which was totally kool is my friends son is a bit on the “retro” side.  My dad being an eye doctor of course had a tie with eyeglasses printed all over it. I haven’t seen it in years but Andrew picked right up on it.  He didn’t pick it out right away but kept talking about what a kool tie. He finally said I have to have it. I all the sudden got a little hesitant thinking “no” I want to keep that in the family. But Andrew really seemed to like the tie so I decided to let it go..in the end I am glad I did. I told him just promise me that you will always keep the tie and if he wants to give it away then make sure it circles back to me.  He said no he really loved the tie and he can promise me he will never get rid of it and you know what. Andrew said it with such a full heart – I do believe him and am really glad he has the tie. 

Once the truck was packed up we stop at the library to donate the books and onto our storage space that Brenda’s husband so graciously lent to us.  Another woman Jane was down there working and watching us diligently unpack and haul everything downstairs for storage. Jane comes up to tell me that I should go get a dehumidifier because I the downstairs space gets moldy. Andrew luckily was standing there and told her we had one.  She then says well you are going to need to empty it everyday as it will fill up. As I start to get panicked Andrew says not to worry they will hook a hose up to it.  I laugh to myself so thankful I never gave the darn thing away as it was ME who ended up needing it.  While Andrew and Alex was looking for a hose to hook up to it I sat there and looked at it still in the box thinking there truly is a place for everything.  Sometimes it just takes awhile to figure it out where that perfect spot is located. 

In an odd way it made me realize maybe there is hope for me  too.

 In the end Andrew was good to his word and he with Alex hooked it up the dehumidifier and it is running as we speak keeping our things dry.  Andrew and Alex I am grateful to the both of you today for your lovely personalities and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done.

This is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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