Back in Atlanta

BACK in Atlanta from spending my month in PA. It was time to come back as I need a break from working on the house.  We have done another round of renovations and fixing up and I can finally say the place is coming together.  I feel like now it is finally show ready.  We are doing a lot of work to the front of the house.  Today they took down 2 trees from the front yard.  One was dead and another one was too close to the house.  I feel like we are finaly narrowing in on it but we still have one more big hump of renovations and then we will be in maintenence.  Unfortunately in our neighborhood there are 3 houses in the more expensive price range so all’s I can do is say it is out of my hands for right now.  Today I slept the majority of the day but I did manage to go to the gym and hit the grocery store as I had no food.  I also went through a couple of magazines tonight and got a lot of good ideas out of one. I am going to work on my newsletter and start searching for a web designer as the ones I have now have priced me out of the market.

That is my story for now.


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