Labor Day 2010

Had a large dinner party last night. We did a crb feast. When to the farmers market and bought a 20 lb case of HUGE snow crabs from Russia. Had 11 people over for dinner and we ate crab until we dropped.  Everyone had a good time and it was a nice mix of people.

This morning I was in the mood for quiet so I went to the Botanical Gardens to enjoy the beauty. Wasn’t much to see because the flowers are all out of bloom. I decided to become a member of the gardens so I could go at any time. The cost was just $60.00 a year and it is  tax deductable. Such a deal as it is free admission any time I want to go. Here are some of my favorite pictures of the day.

Blown Glass hanging from the ceiling when you first walk in.

Glass pear tree

One of my favorites of the day


I found this pool of water calming with the wooded area.

Blown Glass in the center of the fountainReflection pond

My favorite picture of the day - with the dragonfly

My second favorite picture of the day - in the rose garden


Glass Pumpkin Patch - Don't try this at home.


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