Thanksgiving 2010 – Gifts

Finishing out Thanksgiving weekend in PA – the first one that I was up here myself and without dad.  All’s I could do is envision him sitting at the window last year looking out. He was really starting to feel bad at this time. He was mobile as we went to the movies the Friday after Thanksgiving to see “The Blind Side” and then had a full meal at Chinese aferwards. Who would know 3 weeks afterwards he would no longer be with us. I sat there and remembered clear as day he looking out the window in the living room wrapped in a blanket telling me how proud he was of the house and how much he loved living in it. That as a small boy in New York he spent his entire life sleeping in the pull out in the living room so to own a big house like we did was still at the age of 80 a dream. It was amazing to see someone who had so much passion and respect for his home 50 years later. Not like you see today.  It still makes me sad to see the for sale sign in the front yard.  On Thanksgiving day I walked around the house like a dog waiting for his owner  just walking around trying to appreciate all the details of the home.  I am so appreciative of my friends here as I had many wonderful invitations to go do things. Especially to John who came and cleaned out more of the basement on Friday afternoon. I think I am finally 75% complete with his tools. I don’t even know what 99% of them are. It was a good weekend seeing friends and eating some good home cooking.

Tonight as Pam and I were watching garbage TV and I asked her what was the best gift she ever received. I wasn’t talking about spiritual I meant material.  She being a good soul that she is said sitting up with my father to be there for him the night before he died. She sat by his bedside all night long to spirtually be there with/for him. I got up about 2 hours into the night and we sat up all night together. And what is amazing she considers having that experience a gift. You know what my best gift ever is? It is all the people who helped me through this past year.

That is my story for now and I will be sticking to it.


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