Ireland – March 26, 2011

In Ireland working a group in Belfast. The Titanic was built here, it is also known for linens. Lots of sheep farming as well. Guiness is the main beer of Ireland. Today for lunch I am excited as I am going to eat Traditional Irish Stew with a twist which makes me laugh because if it has a twist then it isn’t traditional now is it? The hotel we are staying at is famous because it is the most “bombed” hotel in the world. The positive of this negative is it hasn’t been bombed in awhile a long while and it lends itself to renovation. The hotel staff told us not to worry at most it is just a window or two that goes in the bombs. I think this is an example of marketing at its best. Belfast social scene is alive and well. Last nigth we had a hard time getting into a restaurant without a reservation. We ended up eating an OK Chinese restaurant. The sea bass with ginger sauce I had was very good. They bought the entire fish to the table and deboned it there. The sauce had good flavor and wasn’t thick or starchy which I liked. Of course we were laughing at eating Chinese food in Ireland.
It is my personal journey on this trip to learn behind the myth of “The Luck Of The Irish”.

This is my 3 leaf clover story for now and I will be sticking to it.

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